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Baby teether

Baby teether

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Our EcoBabyBear teethers are perfect for teething babies but are also great for those that are not yet showing signs. They provide entertainment for baby whilst also supporting stimulation due to the different textures. The softness and squidgyness of the silicone will soothe those sore gums before the eruption of any teeth, whilst the hardness of the natural, untreated wood will help relieve the pressure off the aching gums whilst the teeth are erupting.

These teethers not only look great in those treasured moments captured on camera but also provide huge benefits to the babies development. They aid oral motor skills which help lay the foundations for learning speech and self feeding. The shape and texture of the teethers make it easy for those EcoBabyBears to improve hand eye co- ordination and motor skills.

As these teethers have a natural wood finish, we advise against fully submerging in water as this can affect the quality of the wood. Teethers are made from food grade silicone they are non- toxic, heat resistant and easy to clean.

Available in three colours, each teether is presented in an eco friendly bag making them the most perfect gift.

Safety- As with all baby products, it is recommended that young children are supervised using this product.

Liability- By purchasing this product the customer agrees that the use of this product is at their own risk.

Packaging- Here at EcoBabyBear we only use eco friendly materials and packaging. 

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